The Value of a “Call to Action”


The Value of a "Call to Action" Any company can have a website and as a result can put a lot of emphasis on the development of a site that is good looking, compelling, and full of good content. This can be a costly endeavor that can fail to deliver the best ROI if certain [...]

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Level the Playing Field


Level the Playing Field   If you are a start up business, you understand the expense and necessity of acquiring new customers. You likely feel the weight of trying to gain any type of market share away from the large players in your space. So how do you overcome that hurdle and get your business [...]

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How Do Search Engines Work?


How Do Search Engines Work?   The internet is a valuable tool and source of information, but just having a website on the internet doesn’t mean that the information that you’re trying to proliferate is readily accessible. Search engines play a vital role in connecting those in need of your information or services to your [...]

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Target Markets Effectively


Target Markets Effectively   The internet is a crowded place and it is only getting more and more crowded. Simply having a website and/or a landing page that allows you to make contact with your customer base is simply not enough. According to Forbes Magazine, “One of the best solutions for this is to target a [...]

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Some Digital Marketing Terms Explained


Some Digital Marketing Terms Explained   In an ever-changing marketing environment, the tools can sometimes get confusing. It doesn’t help when everything gets boiled down to a three letter abbreviation either. You’ve probably heard people talking about SEO, PPC, ROI, etc., but maybe your eyes start to glaze over a little bit when all the [...]

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SEO – Worth the Investment


SEO - Worth the Investment   At a recent networking meeting, two small business owners could be overheard criticizing the whole idea of search engine optimization (SEO). Both men had a story of being burned by someone who sold them on a quick SEO fix and convinced them that they could generate fast, guaranteed results. [...]

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FAST Marketing


FAST Marketing In order to have an effective digital marketing campaign, it’s important to be FAST: Focus – The message that you’re trying to get across needs to be clear and concise. When trying to get your message across, make sure that you employ a clear focus on what you’re trying to get across. Spend some [...]

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PPC & SEO Go Hand in Hand


PPC & SEO Go Hand in Hand If you Google the search terms “PPC and SEO”, you’ll find the bulk of the articles start with a footing that PPC and SEO are somehow at odds with one another and as a consumer, for some reason, you need to choose one or the other. Practice Marketing [...]

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Necessary Healthcare Marketing


Necessary Healthcare Marketing In a consumer-driven economy, marketing is a necessary reality of doing business. If you’re a doctor who is looking to bring your services to a particular area you need a marketing plan and a partnership with a knowledgeable digital marketing specialist. Practice Marketing Guru has years of experience and understanding that have culminated a [...]

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Time Worth the Effort


Time Worth the Effort   We live in a fast-paced world where information and expectations move at the speed of your Internet connection. The advent of mobile devices and social media has changed how businesses communicate with their clients and the Internet has altered marketing strategies fundamentally. Traditional marketing strategies are not dead, necessarily, but medical [...]

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