TSA & AFGE – Union Opportunities

Yes, TSA employees have a union. The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) has represented TSA employees since 2003. Nearly 19,000 TSA employees are members of AFGE.

As a union member, TSA employees have the right to:

  • Collective bargaining: This means that TSA employees can negotiate with the agency over their wages, benefits, and working conditions.
  • Grievance procedures: If an employee has a problem with their supervisor or the agency, they can file a grievance through the union.
  • Representation in disciplinary matters: If an employee is disciplined by the agency, the union can represent them at the disciplinary hearing.
  • Legal assistance: The union can provide legal assistance to employees who are involved in legal disputes, such as discrimination or wrongful termination cases.

If you are a TSA employee and you are interested in joining the union, you can contact AFGE at 1-866-392-6832 or visit their website at www.afge.org.

Here are some of the benefits of joining a union:

  • Increased pay and benefits: Unions have been successful in negotiating better pay and other benefits for their members.
  • Improved working conditions: Unions can help to improve working conditions, such as reducing stress and providing better safety measures.
  • More job security: Unions can help to protect employees from unfair treatment and layoffs.
  • A stronger voice: Unions give employees a stronger voice in the workplace and help to ensure that their concerns are heard.

If you are a TSA employee, I encourage you to consider joining the union. It is a great way to improve your working conditions and protect your rights.