The Value of a “Call to Action”

Any company can have a website and as a result can put a lot of emphasis on the development of a site that is good looking, compelling, and full of good content. This can be a costly endeavor that can fail to deliver the best ROI if certain strategies aren’t considered beforehand. One of the most important strategic considerations for any website is ensuring that your website (or any form of marketing for that matter) has a clear call to action.

A call to action, by definition is simply a prompt that allows a visitor to a website to take a specific action. Lots of attractive websites can accomplish all of the functions of a glorified newsletter, but it doesn’t lead the potential customer to action, it will like fail to result in generating a viable lead or new customer.

The best call to action is a well-designed and thorough landing page. Good landing pages help you by gathering the necessary information from a site visitor like their name and contact information that will allow you to reach out to them. Landing pages do the vetting work for you by gathering information for interested potential clients. This way, your calls aren’t cold call, but call backs to warm leads.

Finally, a good call to action needs to grab the site visitors attention. Don’t forget, your site is a tool for generating leads. Make sure that it is doing that for you. Otherwise, it’s a fancy brochure with a limited ROI. If you want help developing a good landing page, talk to us at Practice Marketing Guru and we can help you work through the best strategies and practices for your landing page and customer call to action.