Some Digital Marketing Terms Explained


In an ever-changing marketing environment, the tools can sometimes get confusing. It doesn’t help when everything gets boiled down to a three letter abbreviation either. You’ve probably heard people talking about SEO, PPC, ROI, etc., but maybe your eyes start to glaze over a little bit when all the three letter abbreviations start flying around. Let us help you out. Here are is a short list of key terms you need to know if you’re utilizing digital marketing strategies:

  • CTR – Click-Through Rate – The percentage of people who actually click on your link in an ad or a post.
  • CPA – Cost per Acquisition – The pricing model that advertising platforms utilize to ensure that clients are only paying for the generations of leads, sales, and conversions.
  • CPC – Cost per Click – The cost that advertisers pay to an advertising platform each time an individual clicks on their ad.
  • Conversion – Whenever an individual performs a desired function while they are visiting your website, i.e. buying something, signing up for something, downloading something, etc.
  • Impressions – The frequency or number of times that an ad will appear before a targeted audience.
  • Keyword – A search term used by consumers to find topics, products, or services that they are interested.
  • Organic Traffic – Traffic that is generated by keyword searches in search engines. This is the most desireable traffic.
  • Paid Traffic – Traffic that is generated by keyword searches, but those keywords have been bid on by advertisers in order to serve up their website in the search results.
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization – Search Engine Optimization is a strategy that optimizes a webpage to help it rank higher in search engine results. A higher ranking typically resultes in higher traffic.
  • Landing Page – The page on a website that typically acts as an entry point to a website. Usually a landing page will have a call to action that helps generate warm leads for companies.

“These terms have helped me better communicate with my marketing team.” – Javaria Jabeen, DO, Weight Loss Doctor

The more you know, the more effectively you will be able to work with your digital marketing company to help develop a strategy and the better you will be able to assess the effectiveness of your plan.