Rethinking Your PPC Advertising


Some people have an initial reaction to pay per click (PPC) advertising that is rather negative. The excuses and concerns quickly pile up, but there are multiple reasons that you should consider using PPC to market your business:

You only pay for the clicks. Other advertising mediums, like print, require you to pay up front for all of your advertising whether that information is making it into the hands of an interested customer or not. With PPC, you only pay for those who click and those who click are typically more than casually interested.

You can set your own budget. You determine in advance what you want to spend each day and Google ensures that you only spend up to that much. You can control your advertising budget more effectively and efficiently.

You can more effectively target consumers. With PPC, you can utilize a host of tools that allow you to select demographics, location and optimal times of day related to your target consumer. This allows you to better strategize your marketing plan to get the customers that are looking for you.

You can aggregate results quickly. The tools available that accompany your PPC campaign allow you to see data right away related to your campaign. You can make adjustments as needed and see where you’re getting the best return on your investment. Organic search results are helpful, but it can weeks or months to see the placement that you desire.

PPC is a useful tool that allows you the flexibility and control that you need as you target your desired customer. PPC isn’t a hacky pop up ad campaign. It is a strategic advertising strategy that, if used effectively, can powerfully alter your marketing strategy and inform your other advertising mediums. It’s time to rethink PPC.