PPC & SEO Go Hand in Hand

If you Google the search terms “PPC and SEO”, you’ll find the bulk of the articles start with a footing that PPC and SEO are somehow at odds with one another and as a consumer, for some reason, you need to choose one or the other.

Practice Marketing Guru believes that a robust digital marketing strategy employs both a strategic pay per click campaign and a carefully planned search engine optimization strategy because of their respective strengths.

When clients employ a strategic pay per click (PPC) advertising campaign, it allows them to see more immediate results for their advertising budget. PPC is useful in raising the more immediate visibility of a company’s product, services, or brand. When a PPC campaign is managed effectively, the dollars that are spent are spent wisely and on a targeted market, unlike some more traditional print marketing and billboard initiatives.

Additionally, clients who invest the time and money to ensure that they are optimized properly for Google, Bing and other search engines find that internet searches for their services or products yield leads that are much more likely to convert. The nature Internet searching typically means that people who are searching the terms for which you are optimized are more likely to be interested clientele.

Practice Marketing Guru doesn’t believe that you have to choose between SEO and PPC, but wants to leverage both of these tools (and others) to help you maximize your online visibility and generate warm leads for your service or products. Contact us with your questions and we’ll be able to put together a customized strategy for your business or website.