PPC Advertising 101


Pay Per Click advertising is one of the best methods to use when you want to combine research while you narrow down your marketing costs to target only the audience where your product or service applies. It involves using Google Adwords and keywords that you choose, to display your ads in relevant areas. It combines the elements of SEO with elements of SEM to offer an actionable option for readers to choose from.

How Does it Work

You choose the audience. You choose the keywords. When the audience performs a search involving those keywords, your ads appear on the right hand side or top of the search page. In this way, your ads are only seen by those who are most likely to respond to them. You don’t even pay for the ad unless someone clicks on it.

Money Saving Marketing

You get to decide on your budget, so you get to see the results as you pay for them. This means you won’t be paying top dollar to display your ads to people who are outside of your target audience. You also get to set your own limits to avoid blowing your budget.

Test Options

Buy into your campaign for a small amount. People who click the ad are more likely to buy your product or service, so you may earn the cost of the campaign before it even runs out. Google Adwords also offers tools so you can measure effectiveness and adjust your PPC campaign to make it more effective.

Combination Approach

The Pay Per Click approach works best when combined with other methods. For example, you can see how far a viewer went into the buying process and consider ways to get them back. This allows you to do things like offer discounted shipping rates to those who left just when they got to the shipping costs, or use retargeting to display your advertisements on other websites where your target market frequents. These retargeting methods don’t just bring the audience back to complete the transaction, but also demonstrate your willingness to work with buyers.

When you’re ready to launch your campaign with facts that really work, visit the Practice Marketing Guru to learn about some of the elements that make these campaigns so successful.