FAST Marketing

In order to have an effective digital marketing campaign, it’s important to be FAST:

  • Focus – The message that you’re trying to get across needs to be clear and concise. When trying to get your message across, make sure that you employ a clear focus on what you’re trying to get across. Spend some time focusing on what you want to say, the clearest way to say it, and who you want to make sure is listening.
  • Advocacy – Recruit and mobilize advocates to help spread the word by liking and sharing any social media posts and offering helpful reviews on business review sites. This advocacy can lend a lot of credibility to your company and help to substantiate your company in the minds of other potential consumers.
  • Streamline – Make sure that your message is not only focused and clear, but that your streamline all of your digital marketing channels to ensure a unified voice and message. You don’t want you various social media feeds sending a clutter of messages. Instead, make sure that each of your social media feeds is streamlined to carry forth the same agenda.
  • Tenacity – Utilize digital marketing with a persistence and regularity that forces potential customers to take notice. Effective digital marketing strategies require you to be doggedly determined to getting the message out and generating new potential clientele.

If you know that you’re marketing strategy is too slow, let Practice Marketing Guru assist you in putting together a FAST digital marketing strategy today.