3 Tips for Landing Page Copy


Khalid Saleh, from Search Engine Land, just recently posted an outstanding article called “3 Signs Your Landing Page Copy Is Leaving Your Visitors High and Dry”. Though we recommend reading the article in its entirety, we have offered a synopsis below for quick reference’s sake. Also listed below is the link to the source article.

3 (Extremely Helpful) Tips for Landing Page Copy:

Focus on benefits, not features

Though features are certainly important, emotional decision makers will be much better persuaded by reading about benefits, or what the product or service can do for them.

“Rather than telling your customer what they can have, tell them why they need it and how it can help make their world better.”

Be As Clear And Succinct As Possible

Oftentimes, landing page copy is too superfluous, or too excessive. This bad copy can include filler words that may sound impressive but do not add to the decision-making process of the end user.

“If you want your copy to be effective, be prepared to edit for brevity. Be as clear as possible. Tell readers exactly what your product does and how it can change their lives.

Make the Math as Simple As Possible

Many end users will not be able to quickly ascertain the value of “saving 33% off medical weight loss program” or “getting 25% more video security coverage“. When possible, it is good and helpful to spell out the actual value or savings a discount provides so the end user can make the informed decision to purchase your product or service.

“To many, “0.11 miles away” sounds arbitrary, but “4 minutes away” is something consumers can easily process.”

Read the entire article by visiting this link: http://searchengineland.com/3-signs-landing-page-copy-leaving-visitors-high-dry-253536