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SEO – Worth the Investment


SEO - Worth the Investment   At a recent networking meeting, two small business owners could be overheard criticizing the whole idea of search engine optimization (SEO). Both men had a story of being burned by someone who sold them on a quick SEO fix and convinced them that they could generate fast, guaranteed results. [...]

SEO – Worth the Investment2023-01-16T19:31:01+00:00

FAST Marketing


FAST Marketing In order to have an effective digital marketing campaign, it’s important to be FAST: Focus – The message that you’re trying to get across needs to be clear and concise. When trying to get your message across, make sure that you employ a clear focus on what you’re trying to get across. Spend some [...]

FAST Marketing2023-01-16T19:29:58+00:00

PPC & SEO Go Hand in Hand


PPC & SEO Go Hand in Hand If you Google the search terms “PPC and SEO”, you’ll find the bulk of the articles start with a footing that PPC and SEO are somehow at odds with one another and as a consumer, for some reason, you need to choose one or the other. Practice Marketing [...]

PPC & SEO Go Hand in Hand2023-01-16T19:29:34+00:00

Necessary Healthcare Marketing


Necessary Healthcare Marketing In a consumer-driven economy, marketing is a necessary reality of doing business. If you’re a doctor who is looking to bring your services to a particular area you need a marketing plan and a partnership with a knowledgeable digital marketing specialist. Practice Marketing Guru has years of experience and understanding that have culminated a [...]

Necessary Healthcare Marketing2023-01-16T19:29:03+00:00

Time Worth the Effort


Time Worth the Effort   We live in a fast-paced world where information and expectations move at the speed of your Internet connection. The advent of mobile devices and social media has changed how businesses communicate with their clients and the Internet has altered marketing strategies fundamentally. Traditional marketing strategies are not dead, necessarily, but medical [...]

Time Worth the Effort2023-01-16T19:28:41+00:00

Rethinking Your PPC Advertising


Rethinking Your PPC Advertising   Some people have an initial reaction to pay per click (PPC) advertising that is rather negative. The excuses and concerns quickly pile up, but there are multiple reasons that you should consider using PPC to market your business: You only pay for the clicks. Other advertising mediums, like print, require [...]

Rethinking Your PPC Advertising2023-01-16T19:28:16+00:00

5 Things to Know About Digital Marketing


5 Things to Know About Digital Marketing   You paid for a website and it’s not giving you the return on investment that you hoped, right? Simply having a website isn’t enough to draw the traffic you desire. Getting that website in front of potential customers is the key, but how? Here are some things [...]

5 Things to Know About Digital Marketing2023-01-16T19:27:54+00:00

3 Tips for Landing Page Copy


3 Tips for Landing Page Copy   Khalid Saleh, from Search Engine Land, just recently posted an outstanding article called "3 Signs Your Landing Page Copy Is Leaving Your Visitors High and Dry". Though we recommend reading the article in its entirety, we have offered a synopsis below for quick reference's sake. Also listed below is [...]

3 Tips for Landing Page Copy2023-01-16T19:27:24+00:00

Moz Introduces New Keyword Tool


Moz Introduces New Keyword Tool In one of the most anticipated announcements in the world of digital marketing, Rand Fishkin of Moz.com recently made the public aware of his company's new keyword tool Keyword Explorer. The industry has long searched for an aggregate tool that can better assist in keyword research and keyword discovery by providing [...]

Moz Introduces New Keyword Tool2023-01-16T19:26:57+00:00

Google Introduces Detailed Knowledge Graph for Medical Content


Google Introduces Detailed Knowledge Graph for Medical Content   Google had previously made the claim that over 5% of all of their searches are for information regarding health, health care, diagnosis, remedy, etc. With so many users searching for health-related information, it is unfortunate that the search results pages have included information that was less [...]

Google Introduces Detailed Knowledge Graph for Medical Content2023-01-16T19:26:26+00:00
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